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“No matter where you do business, if you're doing it in your basement, or if you're doing it in China, it's all about relationships and trust.”
— Vice president, manufacturer of precision molded products

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With 95 percent of the world’s population residing outside the United States, the decision to export products, or manufacture or distribute internationally would seem to be an easy one. Surveys have shown a strong correlation between companies that are active on a global scale and those that thrive and grow.

The challenges that companies face when they operate on a global basis are formidable and range from transaction barriers to strategic issues, from foreign competition to market acceptability. Yet companies are willing to enter offshore markets and endure the hurdles because they see the potential for corporate growth, operational efficiencies, financial savings—or some combination.

There isn’t any single reason for a company to go global, and when it comes to learning how to navigate the difficulties of unfamiliar shores, nothing resonates more than the voices of experience, especially those of industry peers and colleagues.

According to the Bureau of Economic Analysis, the majority of U.S. manufacturers are investing in Canada, China, Mexico, Germany and the United Kingdom. For the purposes of this e-book, we spoke with middle market CEOs, chief financial officers, RSM practice leaders and other management-level manufacturing industry professionals who are working in those countries and elsewhere around the globe. From the drivers encouraging the establishment of an offshore presence to the challenge of identifying the right market to setting up operations, these professionals speak from years of experience doing business on a global basis.

Their collective insights—earned from years of working primarily in Canada, China, Germany, Mexico and the United Kingdom—offer unique perspectives and pragmatic advice from the field.

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