CFPB Readiness—Rapid Assessment®

Compliance management, operational controls and technology assessment

Risk factors associated with regulatory compliance, operational controls and information technology are difficult to manage without a balanced and independent assessment of your Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) readiness.
Our CFPB Readiness—Rapid Assessment is a custom diagnostic tool to size up your risk exposure, providing guidance and advice on potential process gaps, action plans and remediation timelines. Our consultants analyze your compliance, operational and IT processes to assist you in developing a road map to success. The Rapid Assessment results in a business analysis that helps highlight gaps and develops tailored action plans to remediate high-risk situations.
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We work with you to assess your exposure to risk with an eye toward emerging CFPB compliance issues we have observed within the specialty finance industry:

Compliance management assessment

  • Compliance management system (CMS) components
    • Board and management oversight
    • Compliance program
    • Policies and procedures
    • Training
    • Monitoring and corrective action
  • Vendor management and third-party relationships
  • Response to consumer complaints
  • Compliance audit and quality control

Operational controls assessment

  • Organizational responsibilities and division of tasks
  • Policies and procedures
  • Quality control and exception management
  • Board of directors and management oversight
  • Segregation of duties

Technology assessment

  • Strategy and implementation
  • IT risk assessment
  • Application and system development
  • Internal network and application security
  • External security and threat assessment
  • Access to consumer information
  • Business continuity planning

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