Government Sponsored Enterprises  

Risk advisory services to help ensure compliance and security

As privately held corporations with public purposes, government sponsored enterprises (GSEs) play a crucial role in the fiscal well-being of the country. Members of the sectors borrowing from GSEs—including students, farmers and homeowners—can take advantage of the available capital backed by the full faith and credit of the U.S. government for education and mortgages. Yet, as events have illustrated, the systemic and data security risks associated with GSEs should not to be underestimated.

With so much personally identifiable information in GSE systems, borrowers are particularly vulnerable to unauthorized access attacks. A directive from the Federal Housing Financial Agency to provide efficiency and security through a common single securities platform is designed to address this security issue, as well as to provide greater efficiency. But establishing an infrastructure to accommodate GSE and taxpayer needs requires tight security, processes and controls.

RSM can provide the oversight and testing to test lines of defense and compliance. We can help preserve a GSE’s financial interests, protect its collateral, and effectively and efficiently monitor its risks, including internal compliance issues, regulatory compliance issues, and counterparty credit risk of issuers and mortgagees.

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