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5 benefits of cloud retailing you may have overlooked

Lay the groundwork now for key retail capabilities


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The cloud quickly moved into the mainstream of IT due to its ability to reduce costs, increase security and simplify business processes. But today's cloud offers far more. To meet consumer demand for seamless, personalized and localized services, retailers must establish an underlying technical infrastructure that is far more attainable in the cloud. 

The cloud can bring new tools and technologies within reach, including machine learnings, inventory and social analytics, and wearable technology. Cloud also more easily facilitates the use of the rapidly evolving Internet of Things. Gartner projects that the number of connected devices globally could exceed 6.4 billion by the end of 2016, growing to nearly 21 billion by 2020. Forward-thinking retailers will take advantage of this opportunity in the near term.

Retail is in the midst of a fundamental transformation. Yesterday was all about pushing products to a mass market. Tomorrow is about real-time hyper-personalization and localization, based on visibility to the individual shopper. Today is the time retailers need to lay the groundwork to attain that vision, before it all becomes the new norm.

The cloud represented the only practical way to deliver much of that vision. In this report, we break down the five building blocks retailers will need to implement in the cloud to transform their own organizations.

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