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BI and TPM technology widens margins in a complex pricing environment


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As companies seek to increase sales, build brand loyalty and stay ahead of the competition, a delicate balance must exist between the money spent and labor exerted for such efforts, and the profit gained from them. This consideration is especially critical in the food and beverage (F&B) industry, driven by a commodity-based pricing structure that can literally change with the weather, where the lowest cost often wins.

To make their mark in this competitive landscape, F&B organizations rely on marketing and advertising campaigns to boost their visibility and capture retailer attention for shelf space without delving too deeply into existing earnings. As the market is flooded with similar brands all vying for recognition, promotions must be intelligently planned, expertly crafted and professionally executed to ensure maximum results without cutting into already razor-thin profit margins. To gauge long-term return on outreach efforts, it is vital that companies accurately monitor their effectiveness, requiring new tactics to anticipate demand and predict future revenue and volume.

In response to this pressing need, powerful new trade promotion management (TPM) tools have emerged, centered on robust automation technologies that help streamline campaign preparation for improved speed to market, sales performance, customer experience and operational efficiency. Yet, these solutions will only work if their deployment is tailored directly to organizational goals and business processes. The latest business intelligence and analysis solutions provide C-level executives access to real-time market data, from supply and demand updates to customer purchasing preferences, so they can appropriately gauge the industry environment and drive campaigns that build brand loyalty, boost margins and encourage customer interaction.

With today’s business intelligence (BI) via new TPM tools, upper management can remain actively engaged in internal and industry trend progressions, resulting in stronger, more competitive F&B promotional campaigns that better prepare organizations against the vacillating nature of commodity-based pricing models. Leveraging this new capability not only simplifies marketing operations—it lays the foundation for smarter, more direct and effective trade events that drive profit, maximize ROI and most importantly, boost customer satisfaction to drive brand loyalty and purchase.

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