IT maturity assessment

Uncover the health and maturity of your IT operations by filling out our handy questionnaire.

Managed IT services

Our IT maturity assessment test could reveal the weak spots in your IT operations

RSM offers a short IT questionnaire that takes 5-7 minutes to complete and could help you:

  • Get insights into how your organization compares to others in your industry with benchmark analysis and data.
  • Attain a full view of the health and maturity of your current IT environment.
  • Arrange a list of customized initiatives to enhance your IT operations.
  • Contemplate alternative resourcing choices to tackle regulatory requirements, emerging technology trends, customer demands and security threats.

At the end of this IT maturity assessment, you’ll receive a summary of the results and have the choice to get the complete report by email. Contact us at RSM to schedule your assessment.

We selected RSM because we continue to believe in technology outsourcing but needed a partner that could grow with us. We are expanding in size and capabilities and need an MSP that can support that growth.
Head of Technology, Bridgeway Capital Management

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