Forecasting as a service

Financial forecasting services and consulting for turnkey corporate performance management, business intelligence, inventory and cash-flow planning.

Simplicity, speed, results. Forecasting as a service delivers key insights without in-house CPM.

Organizations often cannot make fully informed business decisions because meaningful data is either unavailable or not in useable forms. Outmoded tools, such as Excel or dated enterprise resource planning, often lead to errors in forecasting and analysis. These methods are usually too slow to adjust to daily changes and can lead to outdated and potentially wrong insights. The answer to this situation usually comes as a corporate performance management (CPM) system. We implement, customize and maintain multiple vendors’ CPM solutions for clients.

But…what if you could get the benefits of a custom CPM solution without the disruption of a new tool implementation project? Without software subscription fees? Without staff training or hiring? In other words, all milk and no cow.

What we’ve just described is RSM’s forecasting as a service. For a predictable, agreed-upon fee, we create an automated CPM process using Prophix software. Based on your inputs and requests, we can help you assess:

  • How long can your current cash reserves last at the current run rate?

  • What are the costs and benefits to furloughing employees versus laying them off?

  • What form of cash assistance can you obtain? How much can you get and how quickly?

  • What costs can you cut immediately?

  • How do certain variables affect your customer mix for sales, accounts receivable, etc.?

  • Can you leverage your resources and processes to capitalize on new, unique opportunities?

For results-focused corporate performance management plus the ultimate in convenience, consider the forecasting as a service from RSM. We’ll make sure your needs and objectives are completely understood. You’ll get what you need, without the hassles of doing it yourself.

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