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Chatter Central Leadership: Advice from Unexpected Sources for the Businesslike Club


To continue on a theme of clubs that operate in a business savvy manner, attention is turned to two sets of leadership tips featured on the Forbes website. This look at online activity acknowledges observations of one real celebrity and one fictional personality whose long-term impact on popular culture serves as sufficient evidence of their abilities to lead effectively. While neither set of tips is written explicitly for the club professional, their application is as appropriate for clubs as it is for commercial businesses, and the inspiration behind both is just as unexpected as it would be for a Fortune 500 company.

In his piece Five Leadership Tips from Bruce Springsteen, Contributor Allen St. John reflects on what made a recent concert spectacular and muses over the implications for the corporate world. It does not require much of a stretch to find correlations in the leadership of private clubs. The five tips appear below. Be sure to visit the original posting for more on how "The Boss" created value for concert attendees.

  1. Give Them the Unexpected
  2. Give Them the Expected
  3. Trust Your Customers
  4. Be Open to Opportunities
  5. Respect Your Colleagues

For more inspiration, consider Forbes' staff member Alex Knapp's Five Leadership Lessons from James T. Kirk. While a few of these require more of an explanation, these five tips from the fictitious captain of one "enterprise" offer useful insight to the captains of other enterprises—club and business alike.

  1. Never Stop Learning
  2. Have Advisors With Different Worldviews
  3. Be Part Of The Away Team
  4. Play Poker, Not Chess
  5. Blow Up The Enterprise

The skills required to lead a private club with members who clamor for an encore, or where the experiences are simply out of this world, can be found all around. Just as clubs are encouraged to turn to businesses for operational lessons, their leaders are advised to turn to the successful in any field for lessons in how to motivate, coach and facilitate.