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Chatter Central Advice for leaders in private clubs


The April 2013 issue of eClub News explored one area of leadership and some potential pitfalls involved in the board room dynamics at private clubs through the article Measuring the cost of the dysfunctional private club board.

To continue on a theme of effective leadership, this month's periodic look at online chatter turns attention to another article that was coincidently released in April as well. This article, The Six Deadly Sins of Leadership, was posted on LinkedIn and written by Jack and Suzy Welch. Among his many accomplishments, Jack Welch is the founder of the Jack Welch Management Institute at Strayer University. Suzy Welch is distinguished as a best-selling author, commentator and business journalist.

Leading effectively requires a balance between setting direction and maintaining control while allowing and enabling others to make effective decisions.

This article is recommended reading for anyone engaged in a leadership role, whether in commercial business or other settings, such as private clubs. It is worth reading, whether as a board member or as a professional with a leadership role of any sort, including those responsible for entire club operations, specific departments or even just a single area within a department.

Leadership skills are equally important in all of these environments. Those who lead within private clubs should take a few minutes and read this recent advice from Jack and Suzy Welch and consider whether leadership at any and every level of their clubs are falling prey to some of these common "deadly sins."