Acquisition and divestiture strategies for buyers and sellers

Maximize value and decrease acquisition risk while increasing transaction speed

Acquisitions and divestitures are proven strategies to increase organizational value, but several process adjustments can affect their likelihood for success. For example, internal employees may be focused on transactional work and aren’t able to take on high-priority transactional tasks, or perhaps your people, processes and technology leave you vulnerable to unnecessary risk. Ultimately, additional insight or support can help deliver the transformational results you desire.

How do you mitigate acquisition risk and strengthen divestiture strategy?

Effectively managing acquisitions and divestitures is a complex effort, with specific technical and procedural considerations for everything from acquisitions and carve-outs to SPAC mergers. RSM’s skilled advisors are deeply experienced with the critical details of each transaction type, and can provide support where you need it, from stepping in to provide accurate, timely deliverables, implementing processes and technologies to minimize risk exposure or accelerating the speed of your transaction.

How can we help?

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