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Optimizing post-merger integration

Discover common post-merger integration problems, their potential impact, and how to derive maximum value from the new organization.

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Strong M&A transaction management

M&A transaction management is a key ingredient in any successful purchase or sale. Find out how a transaction management partner can help.

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Winning as a seller in a frenzied M&A market

Sellers are able to command top dollar if they go into the sales process ready to hit the ground running which includes tax preparation.

  • Wiskus, Jennifer
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Q1 2021 Dealmaker Roundup

Three veterans of the life sciences private equity and M&A market share intel about dramatic changes in the industry.


Q4 2020 Dealmaker Roundup

An in-depth discussion among PE leaders addressing the effects of COVID-19, technology and a disrupted supply chain on U.S. manufacturing.