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Weekly Market Commentary

Fed ends rate hike campaign

Federal Reserve officials left the federal funds rate unchanged at their January meeting to a range of 2.25 to 2.50 percent.


Retirement Report: First Quarter 2019

In this issue, we discuss Form 550 red flags, plus why collective investment trusts are a growing investment vehicle within 401(k) plans.

Monthly Market Commentary

U.S. equities fell sharply in December

U.S. equities fell to close out 2018 as major indices entered correction territory amid slowing growth concerns and a government shutdown.

Weekly Market Commentary

Turbulent economic start to 2019

The relatively flat yield curve is consistent with a downshift in the global economic outlook against tightening financial conditions.

Monthly Market Commentary

Fed notes near-neutral interest rates

Strong economic data and comments from the Federal Reserve perceived as dovish drove Treasury rates lower in November.

Weekly Market Commentary

Assessing recent market declines

Investors are increasingly concerned that the U.S.-China trade impasse could escalate into a broader trade war and affect global growth.

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Turbulent emerging markets

Emerging markets experienced a turbulent 2018 as concerns related to economic growth resulted in volatility in much of the developed world.

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Retirement Report: Fourth Quarter 2018

Your retirement plan serves as a vehicle to attract and retain top talent. Examining plan analytics can help evaluate its success.

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Tax considerations for crypto assets

Crypto assets and blockchain technology are here to stay. Tax and accounting professionals need to understand the details.

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How to measure a bull market's length

Recently, the bull market that first entered the ring on March 9, 2009, became the longest on record. Is this bull really what it seems?