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Monthly Market Commentary

Markets Unphased by October Frights

Equity markets rebounded to all-time highs; Treasury yields trended higher, which led to declines across fixed income asset classes.

Monthly Market Commentary

Markets Moved Higher Despite Peak Concerns

July was, on balance, a good month for investors. Many broad market indexes across equity and fixed income posted positive returns.

  • Lamoutte, CFA, Keith
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Monthly Market Commentary

Optimism abounds

While we are constructive on near-term markets, we will focus on the rebound in business activity following progress with the vaccine.

Monthly Market Commentary

A “Glass Half Full” Market

November displayed the forward-looking nature of markets as global equities reacted positively that a vaccine may be distributed in 2021.

Monthly Market Commentary

Tech tumbled, ended risk asset rally

U.S. dollar strengthened in September as the existing monetary stimulus wane and expectations for fiscal stimulus before the election fade.

Monthly Market Commentary

Rally continued, but pace slowed

Sustained upside inflation risks remain low despite recent stimulus measures, but inflation dynamics are fluid.