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Tax in Motion—2021 tax summit week

RSM’s annual conference includes sessions on federal, international, state and local tax, and keynotes from the OECD and U.S. Treasury.

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Tax innovation webcast series 2021

RSM’s tax innovation webcast series covers technology that makes compliance at all levels more efficient for partnerships and corporations.

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Research credit limitations

Owners and beneficiaries of pass-through entities are generally allowed to take advantage of the section 41 credit for research activity.


Unified loss rules

Learn how the U.S. Consolidated Return Unified Loss Rules affect mergers and acquisitions and how taxpayers can benefit from some elections.

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Insight Article

Chapter 11 Bankruptcy and IRS Form 8937

A single-debtor Chapter 11 reorganization, may trigger a Form 8937 filing requirement for the reorganized company. Learn more about it.

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