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The Real Economy

The Real Economy: Volume 59

We explore the uncertainty tax drag on the economy, Canadian election aftermath and how retailers can address shifting consumer confidence.

Insight Article

Health care industry outlook

In the health care industry, the emphasis on accountability is driven in part by customer expectations as out-of-pocket expenses rise.

The Real Economy

The Real Economy: Volume 58

In this issue, we examine the auto industry’s challenges, middle market business sentiment, media sector retransmission fees and tariffs.

In-Person Event

2019 Middle Market Economic Update

RSM’s chief economist will update on macroeconomic market trends, trends in the Bay Area and expected changes in the environment.

Insight Article

Industry Outlook: Health Care

Pricing transparency is a widely discussed topic in health care as patients view themselves as consumers with more control over choice.

The Real Economy

The Real Economy: Volume 57

We examine the relationship between economic slowdown and manufacturing contraction and offer a new RSM Manufacturing Outlook Index.