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Sourcing distressed deals

By investing too early in a distressed asset, you may end up overpaying. Too late, and the attractive investments may have been snapped up.

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Real estate debt raising

Middle market funds can bring in more equity by offering more favorable terms to LPs, but may be better off with investors who trust them.

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Understanding revenue sharing

Learn the importance of discussing with a plan advisor how best to customize plan fees based on circumstance and available options.

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Plan documents: Save or purge?

What many ERISA plan sponsors consider “reasonable” fiduciary responsibility for plan document retention may not comply with IRS rules.

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Cybersecurity issues for plan sponsors

The Department of Labor is working on guidance addressing cybersecurity issues as they relate to plan sponsors and third-party providers.

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VAT and customs: Benefiting from Brexit

Now that we are post-Brexit and new rules have been released, companies must quickly move from planning to execution stage.

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