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White Paper

Back to the future?

Competition in real estate can mean ramifications during the due diligence process. Investors must work quickly for investment success.

  • Schwartz, Michael
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Insight Article

Blockchain and digital asset terminology

A glossary of blockchain terms and definitions related to the operation and security of blockchain and digital asset transactions.

  • Schulman, Jay
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Insight Article

Real Estate Investment Excellence

Insights for institutional real estate investing: Learn how real estate experts ensure investment excellence from all of their partners.

Insight Article

Managing the unstoppable tech revolution

RSM and Artemis Real Estate Partners discuss the benefits and challenges that technology brings to real estate industry.

  • Green, Tom
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Insight Article

Regional real estate impact reports

The real estate regional impact reports feature insights from top-level investment experts focused on the different real estate markets.

  • Mastruzzo , Michael
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The best GPs pursue repeatable success

In this video segment, RSM discusses how a firm with a disciplined, repeatable approach to underwriting is less exposed to risk.

  • Ruey, Nathaniel
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