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Apportionment and Sourcing

Determining what is taxable and in which state or locality is not easy. Learn the basics of sourcing for state and local tax purposes.


Thousands of state and local jurisdictions impose taxes across the country. Learn how to deal with your compliance challenges.

Tax Base

Determining your tax base for state and local tax purposes is no easy undertaking. Rules change regularly and vary by jurisdiction.

Training and Hiring Credits

Learn about the wide range of federal, state and local tax credits and incentives for job creation and training activities.

Excise Tax Consulting

We provide excise tax consulting to help companies achieve minimal exposure with maximum credits. Learn about the types of excise taxes we ...

Real Estate Investment Incentives

Understand and secure real estate investment incentives, such as tax credits for rehabilitation, low-income housing and underserved markets.

Indirect Tax

Manage indirect tax obligations and maximize value added tax efficiency in the U.S. and global marketplace. Let RSM help.

Insight Article

Family Business Transition

Leading family through a successful family business transition is often emotional. Consider these issues in your succession planning.