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In search of true disruption

Innovative companies are working on ways to break health care’s legacy mold and deliver better experiences and outcomes for patients.

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Tax implications of hard forks and airdrops

Not all digital assets are received through an exchange; airdrops and hard forks create another layer of complexity for taxpayers

  • Jamieson, Wes
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A conversation with Chris Miglino, SRAX

Listen as Chris Miglino, CEO and co-founder of SRAX, discusses the future of data ownership and the importance of AI in the middle market.

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Blockchain and digital asset terminology

A glossary of blockchain terms and definitions related to the operation and security of blockchain and digital asset transactions.

  • Schulman, Jay
  • |


Blockchain: Impacts by industry

The effects of blockchain in manufacturing, retail, financial services, technology, health care, life sciences, real estate & nonprofit.

  • Schulman, Jay
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To blockchain or not to blockchain

Blockchain networks may offer security, transparency and efficiency to reach consensus across large geographically separated parties.


CLEARthru is the first ERP-based blockchain traceability solution that brings supply chain integrity, safety and tracking info to consumers.