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S corporation state tax payment considerations

...S corporation state tax payment considerations Anne Bushman States tax S corporations in a variety of ways. Some recognize the federal S...

  • Bushman, Anne
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Insight Article

The emergence of factor presence nexus standards

Several states have replaced traditional nexus standards with factor presence nexus standards to trigger taxes based upon gross receipts and income.

  • Williams, Mike
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Tax Alert

IRS issues final 280C regulations

Final regulations simplify the IRC section 280C(c)(3) elections to claim a reduced research credit, executive summary.

  • Windram, Tom
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UNICAP Safe Harbors

Favorable UNICAP Safe Harbors are for More than Auto Dealers

  • Tucker, Natalie
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Affordable Care Act

Our benefits team can assess the financial impact of the Affordable Care Act and help implement a customized ACA strategy for your company.