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IRS Updates

As employee benefits programs increase in sophistication and flexibility, the complexity of tax compliance often increases as well.

Trade Advisory Services

RSM’s Trade Advisory Services can help companies manage complex trade and tariff obligations, including compliance and consulting.


Managing robust import and compliance programs requires a well-rounded understanding of import and export policies and changes.


RSM understands the needs of businesses and develops an approach to help manage compliant cross-border trade operations and activities.

Apportionment and Sourcing

Determining what is taxable and in which state or locality is not easy. Learn the basics of sourcing for state and local tax purposes.


Thousands of state and local jurisdictions impose taxes across the country. Learn how to deal with your compliance challenges.

Tax Base

Determining your tax base for state and local tax purposes is no easy undertaking. Rules change regularly and vary by jurisdiction.

Brexit and the middle market

The Brexit decision will no doubt have far-reaching impact. Get the RSM perspective on the middle market here and abroad.

Training and Hiring Credits

Learn about the wide range of federal, state and local tax credits and incentives for job creation and training activities.

Real Estate Investment Incentives

Understand and secure real estate investment incentives, such as tax credits for rehabilitation, low-income housing and underserved markets.