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The Middle Market Transformative CEO Features CEO of SRAX, Chris Miglino



RSM US LLP (“RSM”) – the nation’s leading provider of audit, tax and consulting services focused on the middle market – and The CEO Forum Group are pleased to announce the tenth episode of “The Middle Market Transformative CEO,” featuring guest Chris Miglino, CEO and founder of Social Reality, Inc. (NASDAQ: SRAX), a digital marketing and consumer data management technology company. The episode, which aired over 25 nationally-syndicated AM radio stations on Sun., March 31, is now also available as a podcast.

Co-hosts Robert Reiss, founder and CEO of The CEO Forum Group, and RSM Chief Economist Joe Brusuelas, speak with Miglino about the company’s business model and how it aggregates and sells data, how the firm is changing the dynamic between companies and customers to help consumers value their individual information, and the importance of big data and artificial intelligence for the middle market.

Some of the key topics discussed during this episode are: SRAX’s ideation process and the importance of consumers being able to own their data; how the company is transforming the use of data and what data ownership will look like in the future; the firm’s different product lines, including its consumer data management platform BIGtoken; why it’s imperative that middle market companies embrace big data and artificial intelligence; and the future of privacy and related legislation in regards to consumer data.

“Every company has some form of data, whether they have a customer relationship management program or not,” said Miglino, while explaining why big data is important to middle market companies. “They have something that is telling them about who’s buying their products and why. They need to be able to take that data and leverage it to sell more products. That’s what we help companies do in vertical markets – the consumer package good market, the automotive market and the investor market. We find the value that’s there. Every company can do it.”

Regarding the significance of artificial intelligence and machine learning for businesses, Miglino said, “It’s a huge part of what we do. There is so much data that comes in that understanding all of the connections of this data is impossible without machine learning. You have to have the algorithms written to be able to analyze and understand that data so that you can do a good job in then targeting that data. That’s the way we use it. We say ‘here’s a bunch of information, how can we then use this data to better market this company and to help them accomplish their goals.’”

“We’re highly engaged in the development of all of this type of technology,” continued Miglino. “It may be difficult for your typical CEO that is not involved in technology to be doing this, but they can partner with companies like us that can help them in that process.”

For more insights from this month’s Middle Market Transformative CEO, listen to the full episode.

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