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RSM Launches New ERP Rapid Verification Model

New model accelerates time-to-value implementation costs, limits risk



RSM US LLP (“RSM”), the nation's leading provider of audit, tax and consulting services to the middle market, today announced an innovative new approach to business process management that will help clients more effectively and efficiently manage their systems. Developed by RSM experts with deep industry knowledge, the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Rapid Verification Model is a distinctive approach to enterprise resource planning (ERP) that, when combined with existing software solutions, will provide clients with faster and more comprehensive insights.

“With RSM’s Rapid Verification Model, BFY Brands was able to complete our conference room pilots with the full Microsoft Dynamics 365 solution within 10 weeks of the project kickoff,” said Scott Kumf, chief financial officer with BFY Brands, Inc. “Using this model, as well as RSM’s approach, provided real value in accelerating our project in a cost-effective way, which is much different than other implementations I have been involved in. This was very important to us because we are a lean organization, and don’t have the resources to devote full-time to a 12- to 18-month implementation plan. Additionally, the fixed-fee approach for this portion of the project significantly reduced the company’s overall financial risk.”

Companies today are tasked with managing resources across multiple functions, many of which can be automated with software solutions like Microsoft Dynamics 365. For companies looking to optimize their resource allocations, RSM’s new approach speeds up the process by incorporating real company data into the model, rather than sample information, providing insight earlier in the deployment cycle. This re-engineered approach increases an organization’s ability to see the vision early in the process, so that they can make the right decisions for their business.

Key differentiators for RSM’s Rapid Verification Model include:

  • Shorter analysis, design, implementation and deployment phases than traditional ERP implementation model, which can speed up the process from 9-18 months to 6-12 weeks.
  • Significant cost savings to the traditional model, where costs might average $1-1.5 million.

“At RSM, we’re leveraging the insight we’ve gained across industries as a first-choice business advisor to bring a stronger vision to our clients’ ERP projects,” said Christian Hutter, principal and national Dynamics enterprise leader at RSM US LLP. “We use this industry knowledge to evaluate the system based on highly customized configurations before the deployment team engages an organization’s users.Today’s businesses are either relying on hypothetical, or delaying critical decisions while they wait for their new ERP systems to play catch-up.”

RSM will launch the new model with clients in the food and beverage, retail, consumer products and life science industries. Download RSM’s Rapid Verification Model Infosheet to learn more.

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