Recorded webcast

How to thrive as a new public biotech using NetSuite

Nov 17, 2021

You have managed to lead your finance organization through multiple rounds of private funding. You have supported your executives as they navigate the harrowing path of bringing a drug candidate out of the lab and into clinical trials. Now you are looking at raising capital in the public markets to continue to support that growth. Are you ready? Is your team ready? Are your accounting systems ready?

In this webcast, we help controllers, vice presidents of finance and other finance team members grapple with these questions. We will cover:

  • What it costs to bring your first drug to market
  • How your peers raise that required capital
  • When to start building your processes and people to meet the requirements for accessing public markets
  • When you should move from an accounting system to an enterprise resource planning system like Oracle NetSuite
  • What to expect when implementing an ERP solution as a small company
  • How you, as a leader in your organization, can ensure that your team survives the process and thrives as a public company

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