VLGo powered by Visual Lease

The easiest, risk-free way to manage your leases


Are you in need of a reliable way to view and manage your lease data?


With VLGo, a no-cost lease management only version of Visual Lease’s industry-leading platform, you can easily access critical lease information relevant to the COVID-19 pandemic, while concurrently taking steps towards lease accounting compliance.


With a low barrier to entry, VLGo helps your company:

Avoid immediate solution expenses - Collect lease data without incurring initial software costs.


Prepare for future compliance needs - Lease accounting standard deadlines maybe delayed, but they will not be eliminated. There’s no better time than now to begin working towards compliance.


Digitally manage leased assets - Track and update any changes to your leases, including lease expirations, renewals, early terminations or renegotiations.


View critical lease obligations - Easily access all lease data to make pertinent business decisions related to COVID-19.


Learn more with Visual Lease's Lease Accounting FAQs

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