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Tax-exempt is an oxymoron

State and local tax updates and issues that may impact your organization


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States are beginning to recognize that nonprofits are large consumers and becoming more aggressive in imposing tax on nonprofit organizations as a means to generate state revenue. A tax-exempt nonprofit entity can quickly find itself in tax debt when it fails to plan transactions appropriately.

Join us as Todd Hendricks, state and local tax senior manager, and Carley Umstead, tax-exempt organizations tax senior manager, with RSM, discuss how to avoid costly tax assessments by understanding general tax law provisions, knowing when and how a nonprofit organization is exempt from tax and knowing when to ask more questions.

During this webcast, we will cover:

  • Common misconceptions surrounding the impact of federal tax-exempt status on various state taxes
  • How the taxation of tax-exempt organizations can vary state by state
  • Beyond income taxes…other state taxes you need to consider


Who should attend?
Nonprofit executives looking to understand state tax law and the potential impact on their organization.

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