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PCI DSS 3.2—What’s next?


Organizations in the payment card and card data ecosystem must regularly evaluate how effectively they protect cardholder data throughout the payment life cycle. These reviews reduce the risk to customers and the organization by implementing practices and measures that limit the exposure of cardholder data. If your organization stores, transmits, processes or provides services that could affect cardholder data security, you must comply with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) requirements.

Join us on Thursday, Dec. 8 for insights on the notable requirements and clarifications introduced in new PCI DSS 3.2 guidelines. We will discuss the security benefits PCI DSS compliance provides your organization, including minimizing the risk of common data breaches and penalties associated with card issues.

Additional topics include:

  • How PCI compliance positively affects your organization’s processes, vendor relationships and information security initiatives  
  • New requirements, as well as updated evidence requirements, that could drastically affect your compliance efforts
  • Evaluating new payment technology and minimizing effort through scope reduction techniques while improving your security posture
  • How to provide the highest level of security for confidential data while still implementing efficient payment card processes
  • Review of challenges and common myths related to PCI compliance

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Chief financial officers and senior finance; internal audit, risk and compliance; controllers; chief information security officers; and security and privacy 


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