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ERP implementation risks and their impact on your organization


Is there a new ERP in your future? Have you identified common ERP implementation risks? Risk factors occur throughout the ERP implementation life cycle, and can impact the operational state of your business after going live, make sure you mitigate those risks from the start.

Nobody chooses a new ERP expecting failure or drastic budgetary impacts, but ERP implementations have a reputation for being less successful than planned, and over budget. Gain insights into how to identify key ERP implementation risks throughout the implementation life cycle, and how to effectively mitigate these risks.

During the webcast, an RSM expert with significant experience identifying risk around ERP implementations discusses:

  • RSM's ERP implementation risk methodology
  • Potential implementation risk factors
  • The impact of risks on an implementation's success
  • Actual case studies on the impact of ERP risks
  • Tips to develop and leverage effective risk mitigation approaches

The insights presented during this webcast can help increase your chances of a successful ERP implementation at your organization, and will allow you to demonstrate the steps you took to prevent implementation issues.

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