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Cybersecurity insights for the insurance industry


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With today’s advanced threats and rapidly evolving malware, the insurance industry faces data security risk exposures from internal and external sources every day. Not only is the complexity and number of cybersecurity incidents steadily rising, but so is your organization’s financial and reputational risk.

Join us for key insights to help you step up your security posture and data breach preparedness. Topics include:

  • The value of PII and ePHI* in the black market: Why insurers are an attractive target for hackers
  • Risk assessment and the identification of potential weaknesses in your environment
  • Preventive controls to help you strengthen your internal and external environment
  • Strategies to help identify whether controls have been bypassed as early as possible to lessen long-term harm
  • Effective data breach response plan components to limit technical, business, reputational and legal damages
  • The impact of regulation and recent examination experience

*Electronic protected health information (ePHI) is any protected health information (PHI) that is created, stored, transmitted or received electronically.


Who should attend?
All job titles containing security and privacy, internal audit and compliance, board members, chief risk officer, chief information officer, chief financial officer, chief audit executive and any other C-level executives focusing on data and privacy within their organization.

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