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COSO and nonprofits – a practical approach to applicability

Real world examples for implementing controls in your organization


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The original “COSO” internal control model, Internal Control – An Integrated Framework (the Framework), released in 1992 by the Committee of Sponsoring Organizations of the Treadway Commission (COSO), is not a legal requirement for companies and organizations to use in designing appropriate internal controls but is viewed as a best practice. As the only model that is widely used in the United States, the Framework was a breakthrough at the time of its release as it introduced the concept that internal control is comprised of five interdependent elements.

In May 2013, COSO issued an update to its Framework which clarifies the original model and introduces 17 principles of internal control. Despite the enhancements made to the Framework, nonprofit organizations may struggle with how to begin to apply this guide in their systems of internal control.

Join RSM partners, Dan Whelan, risk advisory services practice, and Tom Sneeringer, audit practice, as they lead an informational session to discuss the updated Framework, what it means for your nonprofit organization and how you can practically approach the elements and principles in a “real world” application.

During this webcast, we will discuss:

  • The 17 principles of the framework
  • Most applicable principles for nonprofits
  • Points of focus and practical aspects
  • Real world examples on application of the Framework


Who Should Attend?
Nonprofit executives looking to understand the elements of the COSO Integrated Framework and how it applies to their organizations

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