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Construction contract fiscal management: Did you get what you paid for?


Operating budgets and costs, service contracts, individual purchase orders and invoices are frequently subject to robust scrutiny. However, the same is typically less true for payments relating to substantial cash outlays for construction contracts. In fact, original construction contracts often look like a rubber dinghy next to a yacht of change orders, with organizations left with little assurance that they receive what they paid for.

Various myths provide false comfort relative to the proper and effective fiscal management of construction contracts. Ride with us as we help you navigate through the myths to the truth, so your next capital investment project does not leave the property capsized–with management searching for a life vest.

During this webcast, you will:

  • Learn the value of contract fiscal management of construction projects.
  • Learn the primary myths that mask the risk of contractor overcharges and the real need for fiscal management of construction contracts.
  • Learn the basic tools and methodology for performing effective fiscal management of construction contracts. These help assess contractor compliance with the terms and conditions of the contract and help ensure you get what you paid for.


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Who Should Attend
Compliance executives, including internal auditors, chief audit executives, and others involved with audit and construction projects.


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