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The Real Economy: Volume 68

No vaccine, no recovery: The long road back


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It is becoming quite clear that a complete economic recovery hinges on an accessible and widely distributed coronavirus vaccine. What originally was thought to be a 15-week problem has quickly evolved into something that looks more like a 15-month challenge. The premature reopening of the U.S. economy has resulted in an intensification of the pandemic, which is now causing growth in the economy to slow.

In this issue of The Real Economy we examine the long road back to recovery, including upcoming policy cliffs. In addition, we spotlight the continued emergence of autonomous vehicles, highlight middle market hiring and compensation data and launch a new feature, “The Alternative,” which in this edition focuses on hurricane forecasting and how businesses should prepare for possible disruption amid a pandemic, with a special focus on insurance, real estate and health care. Download the full issue.


Policy cliffs approaching as economy slows

Policy cliffs approaching as economy slows

As the pandemic intensifies, it is clear aid will not be put in place in time to prevent an “air pocket” in the economy later this summer.

Middle market trend watch: Hiring and compensation

Middle market trend watch: Hiring and compensation

Hiring and compensation data from RSM’s recent Middle Market Business Index survey implies a mixture of uncertainty and promise.


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