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The Real Economy: Volume 52

U.S. trade policy impact on the middle market


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In our 2019 economic forecast, we made the case that trade policy was the greatest risk to the global and domestic economic outlook. At the time, we expected passage of the North American Free Trade Agreement modernization by Congress early in the year and a possible roll back of the trade spat with China. That optimistic forecast has been diminished by a lack of action on the ground and a rapid deceleration of both U.S. and global growth prospects.

In this issue of The Real Economy, we assess the rising risks of delayed trade agreements on middle market businesses and take a closer look at the impact of steel and aluminum tariffs. In addition, we introduce a new featured article called Industry Spotlight. The biotech industry will be our focus in this issue as we explore its insatiable need for cash in a hesitant market. We also invite you to check out our new The Real Economy Blog, which offers timely analysis of economic news.


U.S. trade policy: Rising risks, delayed timetables

U.S. trade policy: Rising risks, delayed timetables

What’s the impact to the middle market from a multifront series of trade conflicts? We explore the risks and possible outcomes.


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