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The Real Economy: Volume 40

Market volatility: A classic head fake?


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Over the past year, the improved picture of the financial services community has been predicated on rising interest rates, strong financial conditions, modest inflation and an overall improving economy. Recently, however, a flattening yield curve has fostered concern about a premature end to the positive business cycle. However, things are not quite what they seem.

The Real Economy also examines the escalation of U.S.-China trade tension and what it means for the makers of consumer products. And a future where blockchain takes a leading role in business is closer than you may realize. Download the full issue for access to all insights


China trade war: What's the impact for consumer products?

China trade war: What's the impact for consumer products?

How are U.S. and China trade frictions affecting consumer products companies? Joe Brusuelas, RSM chief economist, shares his insights.

Beyond bitcoin

Beyond bitcoin

Blockchain is best known for its role in cryptocurrency, but its most far-reaching impact is developing quietly behind the scenes.

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