Meet Jennifer

A Special Career Advisor


The best friend your career will ever have. Meet Jennifer. She takes the role of career advisor at RSM to a whole new level. For her advisees, she’s their biggest advocate. Their success is her success. She may even know and understand their career aspirations better than they do themselves.

Take a moment to listen to Jennifer and three of her advisees – Fidelis, Jill and Rob share stories about the powerful, motivating, career-enhancing relationships they’ve built with each other. Imagine what it would be like to have someone like Jennifer in your corner. You can, at RSM.

Your “not one size fits all” career advisor

Jennifer is busy. She’s a successful director in the consulting practice at RSM and knows what it’s like to go the extra mile for her clients. Jennifer also wears another hat – that of a career advisor – where she again knows what it’s like to go the extra mile. But this time it’s for a special group of employees, her advisees.

Good career advisors like Jennifer understand what makes people tick. She’s an expert at adapting her style to fit the unique personal and professional needs of her advisees. And for Jennifer, there’s no pretending. She considers herself fortunate to be a career advisor and truly cares about each of her advisees as an individual – knowing when to push hard, when to back off and when to just listen.

Take Fidelis for example.


Fidelis joined RSM two years ago as an experienced associate. Here, he found what he was looking for on the client side – increased responsibility and more opportunities to take on leadership roles. He also found what he was looking for on the career success side – Jennifer. She has challenged him to expand his network, and focus on building his core strengths and expertise. Fidelis has his next career move in sight and credits Jennifer for keeping him pointed in the right direction.

And then there's Jill.


Jill faced a double – make that triple – whammy in life. This new mom was just promoted to manager when she found out she was expecting. Again. With two kids in one year and a new job, some days it was all Jill could do just to brush her teeth and get out the door. But as Jill will tell you, a career that’s temporarily on hold isn’t the same as a dead-end career. Thanks to an open and honest relationship with Jennifer, Jill’s career is still challenging and rewarding. And valued by RSM. Which is just the way it should be.

And finally, meet Rob.


According to Jennifer, Rob’s “ridiculously driven.” He has big goals for his career and his life. If you ask Rob about this, you just might hear about his interesting path from the seminary to a Big Four firm to the ministry and eventually to us. But it’s more likely you’ll hear how satisfied he is working at RSM and the respect he has for his career advisor, Jennifer. On second thought, make that his “peer” advisor. At this point in his career, Rob’s looking for someone to talk to. Someone who will share new perspectives and fresh ideas. Someone who’s one step ahead, but still walking by his side. And for Rob, that someone at RSM is Jennifer.