Meet Jason

From New York to Hong Kong


Ni Hao (Hello), Jason

In May 2011, Jason accelerated his career by 8,100 miles. That’s the distance from New York City — where he used to work — to Hong Kong, his new office location as part of RSM’s expatriate program.

Follow Jason as he shares pictures of his new life in Hong Kong:

A career track at the speed of light

Even before he packed his bags for Hong Kong, Jason was really going places in his RSM career. Since 2005 when he was a senior associate, Jason worked side-by-side with a client’s senior controller and regularly interacted with the client’s CEO and CFO.

Now an audit director, Jason has developed his client service experience to benefit his clients, RSM and his own career. Last year he earned a prestigious RSM Achievement Award as a member of a financial services team for building an exceptional working relationship with a financial services client.

Although he’s really good at his job, Jason hasn’t limited his career to just audits. He’s a national trainer for RSM, serves as a career advisor for 15 employees, is a campus recruiting leader in New York and serves on the office community action committee to raise funds for nonprofits.

Now halfway around the world, Jason has launched the newest chapter in his career — to oversee U.S. IPOs for Chinese companies for RSM. With career-track opportunities like these, why would anyone want to work anywhere else?

Q&A with Jason – working in Hong Kong

Describe your average day and how it differs from your life in New York.

My work schedule is:

  • 8 p.m.–12 a.m. HKT (8 a.m –12 p.m. EDT): I’m having conference calls with RSM leaders due to the time difference.
  • 9 a.m.–7 p.m. HKT (9 p.m.–7 a.m. EDT): I’m doing chargeable work, research, email communications along with networking and business meetings

I also noted several differences during my first couple weeks:

  • Longer email response times due to the time zone differences; therefore, need to plan ahead for timing
  • Work is now more involved with corporate strategy and business development rather than primarily engagement-driven
  • Office culture and business customs are very different than New York. Everyone is more reserved and indirect due to the importance of paying respect; however, they are very friendly and welcoming

What are your biggest accomplishments since arriving in Hong Kong?

My biggest accomplishments so far have included introductory lunch and dinner meetings with the four senior partners and several directors from RSM Nelson Wheeler. Client engagement-wise, I’ve also resolved several audit communication issues and performed workpaper reviews for U.S.-based clients. I also helped organize various meetings with COIs including attorneys, underwriters and consultants for a two-week road show in China, where we:

  • Performed due diligence and interviewed prospects
  • Met more than 80 partners and directors from RSM Asia Pacific member firms at the RSM Asia Pacific Regional Conference and promoted the idea of soliciting joint global engagements
  • Attended RSM Thailand’s 10th anniversary dinner in Bangkok
  • Attended RSM RKT Group’s 33rd anniversary dinner in Kuala Lumpur

What are you most excited about with regard to this role?

I’m really excited about several things:

  • The opportunity to participate and play a significant role in an important and strategic initiative of the firm to capitalize on the enormous business opportunities in Asia
  • The ability to utilize my background and bilingual skills to help bridge the business gaps for our clients and prospects
  • The growth potential provided by this role, including further understanding and developing corporate strategy
  • Lastly, the opportunity to return and work in the city where I was born