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We are #AuditorProud


On Sept. 26 we celebrated the audit profession and its role in our economy with our fifth annual #AuditorProud day.

We held an internal contest where employees crafted creative posts on their Instagram or Twitter accounts on why they were #AuditorProud. From posting photos with teams to dogs, we received a collection of creative and inspiring posts to promote both the audit profession and RSM. Who said auditors can’t have fun?!

Contest winners:


It’s #AuditorProud day and I cannot imagine my career in audit and now as an expert for our audit teams any other way. We’ve stayed up late, had countless meals together, left funny comments, taught each other and grown as a family. Working alongside all of these people as we help our clients and our clients help us makes for meaningful workdays (and nights!) with countless cramps from laughing. Thankful to work for a firm where we celebrate each other, enjoy building others up and serve our clients and community well. Not to mention the free lunches. #BeYouatRSM


Today we celebrate #AuditorProud Day, which for me is everyday. I am a mathie at heart, and I ensure things be always balanced! All kidding aside, I am proud to be in audit as it’s a profession where I am able to connect with my middle market clients on a personal level to learn their stories and aspirations, and use my expertise to help achieve them. I truly value these relationships, and the opportunities to #BeYoutatRSM. Plus I can exhibit proper work/life balance with the flexibility that the firm provides. I am proud of my role, and equally proud of all my colleagues that demonstrate these values as well.


RSM. Stands for Regular Sized Muffins… or at least that is what I have been told. One thing that we do here at RRSM is provide world class client service. We go above and beyond to make sure our clients know how much we appreciate their hard work. How do we do so? With muffins of course! And other treats (donuts, bagels, coffee, sometimes even lunch). Not only do we do these things for our clients but we also those employed at RSM so that they too know how much that are appreciated. #AuditorProud #BeYouatRSM 


This month I am incredibly blessed to be celebrating 5 years with RSM! I couldn’t be prouder to be a part of such a neat organization; an organization that emphasizes being Caring, Curious, Courageous, Collaborative, and a Critical thinker. We call these the 5 C's - the 5 characteristics of a first-choice advisor. We practice these 5 C’s in our work environment every day, but we also encourage them in our employee’s personal lives as well. RSM CARES about me, which includes my passions/hobbies. Some of these hobbies/interests include photography, light exercise/walking, and animals. I was CURIOUS on how to fit these interests into my everyday life so I started on Rover, which allows me to get some exercise and spend a little extra time with some pretty cute creatures. In addition, I was a CRITICAL THINKER and incorporated photography into this by including a quality photo of my client’s pet after our first visit. All this to say that, RSM has not only provided me with unlimited opportunity in the workplace, but encouragement to be fulfilled in my personal life as well. Not all organizations CARE about their employees as much as RSM does. Thank you RSM for being an awesome place to work for the past 5 years! 


From a small town in Florida to working in Times Square! I am #AuditorProud #BeYouatRSM


Today, Tully decided that he wanted to be an auditor at RSM. In honor of the fifth anniversary of #AuditorProud Day, he put together a list of five things he learned during his 20 long minutes on the job:

1. Wear as much RSM Swag as possible.
2. Do not drink out of the toilet bowl when you are visiting a client.
3. Always deliver the Power of Being Understood.
4. Meet your deadlines...even if the squirrels are distracting you.
5. Humans are probably better auditors than doggies.


Auditors are as reliable as Old Faithful #AuditorProud #BeYouatRSM


Not much to see here...Just a couple RSM auditors loving what we do by taking inventory count and snapping a beautiful selfie! Who wore it better? #AuditorProud #BeYouatRSM


Curious why we're wearing matching outfits? As HR we're known for being caring. In support for this worthy occasion, we utilized our critical thinking skills and decided to be courageous by collaborating in a creative manner. #AuditorProud #BeYouatRSM

Jessica and Jennifer

Video: #Auditor Proud Rap

RSMs great, don’t you be late. I just took a DNA test, turns out I’m 100% audit even when I’m feeling lazy. Yeah I got tax problems, that’s the audit in me. Cha-ching making money RSM paying me. Post a couple hashtags, noncommittal. Just headed to the break room for a little Skittle. Be #AuditorProud – we’re not holding you back. And that’s the sound, RSMs calling you back. Take a break, yeah maybe get some accolades. Come see us tell us straight to our face. RSM sat you down at your desk chair. Love where you work, be proud just to be there. Post a photo with the bomb lighting. With “audit” hashtags in writing. Audit – what could be more exciting?! Bomb bomb bomb Be you at RSM!"