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Namaste all day and #BeYouatRSM

Meet Robert: yoga enthusiast and auditor


Irvine audit manager and yoga enthusiast Robert Eyler shares how RSM supports his passion for yoga and how yoga, in turn, makes him a better teammate and strengthens the insights we provide our clients. See how Robert is experiencing “The Power of Being You” at RSM.

There is much more to me than auditing. In addition to being a CPA, I am a Certified Personal Trainer, Fitness Nutrition Specialist, Corrective Exercise Specialist, Behavioral Change Specialist and a Registered Yoga Teacher. RSM supports all of the additional things that make me “me” and encourages me to pursue my passions and interests, outside of accounting.

One of the passions I embrace in my everyday life is yoga. Yoga in Sanskrit means “union.” This can be translated in the workplace to mean teamwork, community and having each other’s backs. I originally started yoga due to my back and knee pain post-football, however I soon realized yoga was not only healing my physical body, it was also calming, strengthening and healing my mind.

I am somebody who is constantly on the go. My old mantras seemed to be “do, do, do” and “perform, perform, perform,” so to find a practice that slowed me down and calmed my mind at first made me anxious. However, practicing yoga has actually made me more driven, more intelligent and more able to handle the obstacles life throws at me. It has taught me patience, mindfulness, kindness and love.

Yoga has taught me many things that have translated into my professional success at RSM. With a previous fear of public speaking, yoga has taught me how to come out of my shell by strengthening my confidence and equipping me with the tools needed to speak and teach in front of any size audience. This has subsequently lead to more successful, collaborative meetings with clients, potential clients and my RSM colleagues. My practice has also taught me to listen before speaking, which helps me better understand the needs of my clients and team members as a first-choice advisor.

I am a firm believer that happy and healthy people not only do great work but also enjoy their work. RSM understands this and places high value on their people’s well-being, health and happiness. I know this firsthand because the firm continues to support my ideas and passions, whether it’s through inviting me to teach yoga and guided meditation at national trainings or supporting my health and wellness initiatives at my local office in Irvine.

RSM supports me in all my roles and allows me to pursue my passions and interests so I can be my best self when interacting with teams and clients.