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B'more Green

Sarah and Maddie share the impact of Baltimore's eco-friendly efforts


Our Baltimore office is eliminating single-use beverage cups, plastic lids and straws as part of a campaign to increase staff awareness about how to mitigate the office’s impact on the environment. Sarah Baer, senior administrative assistant, and Maddie Sellers, marketing senior associate, shared how the “B’more Green” committee is making an impact with our clients, colleagues and communities.

Sarah: One day as I was getting water, I noticed people carrying around multiple disposable cups at one time. I started to pay attention to the many cups our office went through each day, ran reports and was astounded at the amount of coffee and plastic cups we were going through.

Maddie: The results were surprising, but they opened our eyes to an opportunity to engage our people to reduce their impact on the environment and be good stewards of the community where we work and live. Sarah and I got together with our colleague Sarah Glor, corporate communications manager, and started brainstorming. 

Sarah: And that’s how our “B’more Green” committee was formed! To reduce waste, we provided our office with a choice of RSM-branded reusable cups, lids and coffee mugs, but our initiatives didn’t stop at cups! To improve our overall personal impacts on the environment, we asked everyone to make a voluntary commitment to recycle, reduce paper usage, turn off electronics when not in use and take advantage of “green” commute options. 

Maddie: Our efforts aren’t just making an impact in our office, but they truly are impacting our community. We brought in representatives from the Waterfront Partnership of Baltimore and discussed how we can aid in the efforts to make a clean, healthy harbor. The beautiful harbor views from our office windows are a great reminder of our efforts’ importance.

Sarah: When our clients visit our office and use our eco-friendly cups, we enjoy engaging in conversations with them about our initiatives. Many of them have even shown interest in duplicating our efforts in their own offices and homes.

Maddie: Our impact is even going beyond Baltimore! After sharing our story internally, RSM colleagues across the nation have been reaching out with interest to expand our initiatives to their local offices. We’re excited to collaborate across the firm and help “B’more Green” grow!

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