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5 tips to make the most of busy season

RSM professionals share busy season advice


It’s that time of year again – busy season. For tax and audit professionals, busy season can be a marathon of client service and is also a great opportunity to learn, grow and connect. Our professionals recently shared their advice and tips to help colleagues make the most of busy season.

1. “Take care of yourself—exercise, eat well (not just the snack zone!) and try to have fun with it as much as you can. We got this!” -JoAnn McCullough, senior manager, Melbourne, Florida

2.  “Find something you enjoy outside of work and make sure you schedule it into your week.” -Sarah Coulson, Senior Manager, Toronto         

3. “Stay focused, keep a positive attitude at all times and be kind to yourself and others. Offer helping hands, believe in teamwork and do not forget to take a deep breath in stressful situations. Reach out for help and use our internal resources when needed.”-Alpesh Shah, senior manager, Metro Park, New Jersey

4.   “Take your breaks. Go to the gym if you can during the day and definitely take at least 20-30 minutes to have lunch and dinner and just relax your brain for a second and get some good playlists to jam to.”-Zain Santamaria, associate, Chicago

5.  “Attitude matters! How you show up to your teams, clients, and meetings influences outcomes. As such, strive to maintain a positive attitude throughout busy season and this will have a cascading positive effect.” -HOLA Employee Network Group