Careers in Audit


Working directly with clients, key decision makers and company owners helps you gain a better understanding of the challenges facing clients. These experiences allow you to see firsthand the positive impact your work can have on the client's business.

As an auditor with RSM, you will be part of a team that offers a tailored audit approach that integrates risk assessments with a strong emphasis on early planning and knowing how clients' businesses function. Each engagement is unique — like you and like our clients. In most cases, you will be exposed to a broad assortment of industries before selecting a specialty, should you decide to do so.

Our audit approach involves:
Audit Tools

Understanding the client

You will learn to understand clients' needs and expectations, their business and industry, accounting and internal control systems, personnel, company values and industry-related GAAP and GAAS issues.

Risk assessment

You will learn how to assess the risk that errors or fraud may cause a material misstatement of the financial statements and determine which of the identified risks of material misstatement are significant risks that require special audit consideration.

Audit procedures

You will perform substantive tests and tests of internal controls as necessary, given the risks identified and the controls as we understand them.


We communicate closely and regularly with the client's audit committee, CFO, controller and accounting staff during the audit process. From preliminary audit planning and work, through delivery of reports and communication of internal control related matters, you will have responsibility for keeping your clients informed.

Audit tools

You will use field audit software programs to simplify the routine aspects of audit work. We've developed tailored internal control review techniques and forms as part of the RSM Audit Performance System. Industry-specific audit programs also have been developed that you will tailor, as a member of the engagement team, to address critical risks specific to each client.