Our Clients Value Being Understood

Collaboration. Understanding. Ideas and Insight.

“In just two short years, they have managed to gain a great, not just good, but a great understanding of our business. They seem to put that first and foremost—to understand who you are, how you do business, the whole supply chain, the customer side and everything about your business that makes the audit more efficient. But it actually gives you the feeling that you’re not just paying for a commodity audit, you’re also getting real value add in terms of the consultation and feedback you receive because of that high level of understanding.”

--Rodd Mann, former corporate controller, Kingston Technology

At RSM, we create unique experiences that provide clients with tangible and measurable benefits. We dig deep to learn about our clients, so we can truly understand their business environment, their challenges and their opportunities. This understanding gives us the power to deliver more meaningful insights and the right expertise clients need to succeed.

Kingston Technology, Fountain Valley, Ca. works with RSM advisors who they trust to deliver the insights, services and value they need to be successful. A client for four years, the Kingston management team knows they can count on our firm for a consistent, collaborative relationship to help them make critical business decisions with confidence.

The RSM Team

Mel Hudson, client service coordinator and assurance partner, RSM US LLP

“The Power of Being Understood couldn’t be more important in providing great client service to Kingston. It’s a very a unique company. It’s a very large, private global company and their main focus is on driving the long-term value of the company and also being good corporate citizens. So, they are making decisions based on what’s good for the long-term value of the company and not based on controlling expenses for a certain period. Things like that are somewhat unique to them and you have to understand that to really appreciate the company and how it works.”

Erika Coniglio, director of business development, RSM US LLP

“I think our client service team has just done an amazing job of getting a great understanding of Kingston’s business to make sure that we’re getting them what they need, and even more -- trying to add value where we can.”

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