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International tax reform, where do we stand?


International tax reform, where do we stand?

Fall is around the corner and Congress’ progress on tax reform leaves much to be desired. Earlier in the year we were hopeful for comprehensive tax reform in 2017, now we are cautiously optimistic for even a minor reform package to come by the end of 2018.


GDPR data security compliance: You have one year to prepare

Organizations that manage EU residents’ data must comply with GDPR guidelines by May 2018. Learn about the law and how to stay compliant.


Swiss tax strategy garners attention at Caterpillar

Tax strategy implemented in 1999 may lack economic substance to support subsequent shift of functions and profits.

  • Bob Bamsey , Bre Engels


How does BEPS impact the definition of a permanent establishment?

As the BEPS action plan continues to be developed and implemented, middle market companies need to understand the implications.

Why modernizing NAFTA is crucial for the middle market


Why modernizing NAFTA is crucial for the middle market

For middle market firms the renegotiation and modernization of NAFTA represents a major opportunity to take advantage of trade innovations.

  • Joe Brusuelas


Canadian Revenue Agency issues statement on US partnership taxation

CRA representatives shed light on Canadian compliance issues related to US LLPs and LLLPs, specifically mentioning Florida and Delaware.

  • Kyle Brown, Jamison Sites

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