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Implications of Australian tax authority win in transfer pricing case

Australian court sides with government and finds that Chevron’s internal group interest expense was excessive.

  • Bob Bamsey , Tansy Jefferies
How middle market companies can manage the transfer pricing life cycle


How middle market companies can manage the transfer pricing life cycle

From planning to analysis to documentation to implementation, a transfer pricing guide for internationally active middle market companies.

  • Bob Bamsey , Tansy Jefferies, Matt Wynia


OECD transfer pricing documentation guidance impacts US multinationals

BEPS Action Item 13 provides new guidance for transfer pricing documentation and country-by-country reporting for US multinationals.

  • Richard Cooper


Tax planning for a nonresident entering the U.S. tax system

When entering the U.S. tax system through investment or relocation, a nonresident faces unique tax reporting and filing obligations.

  • Rolando Garcia, Angela X. Qian


New reporting requirements for foreign-owned U.S. disregarded entities

New rules for foreign-owned disregarded entities give IRS obligatory information under tax treaties, information exchange agreements.

  • Brian Hayes


New regulations for Subpart F and CFC investment in US property

Final regs update some categories of subpart F income, treatment of foreign-held U.S. property in transactions that involve partnerships.

  • Adnan Islam, Tony Kim


Social Security planning: Considerations to increase your benefits

Determining when to file for Social Security benefits is one of the biggest financial decisions you'll make as you approach retirement.

  • Brendan Kaar

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