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OECD transfer pricing documentation guidance impacts US multinationals

BEPS Action Item 13 provides new guidance for transfer pricing documentation and country-by-country reporting for US multinationals

  • Richard Cooper


Social Security planning: Considerations to increase your benefits

Determining when to file for Social Security benefits is one of the biggest financial decisions you'll make as you approach retirement.

  • Brendan Kaar
Canada federal and Saskatchewan provincial 2017 budgets released


Canada federal and Saskatchewan provincial 2017 budgets released

Canadian budgets provide for sales tax rate increases, exemption eliminations and base expansions in order to help shrink growing deficits.

  • Rob Dew, Sean Kelly
Home away from home


Home away from home

A persistent low-yield environment continues to spur Asian real estate investors to shed their home country bias.

  • Michael Schwartz


Case Study: Industrial service seek compliance & provision improvement

Learn how RSM helped an industrial services company increase visibility for key provisioning deliverables and filings.

Tips for a successful expat assignment


Tips for a successful expat assignment

Sending employees overseas requires careful planning. Watch now for tips on successful international assignment and repatriation.

  • Mary Bojarczuk, Sarah Waters
The changing landscape of transfer pricing


The changing landscape of transfer pricing

Why is a current transfer pricing study critical? Our international tax team discusses important changes. Watch now.

  • Tansy Jefferies, Enrique Rayon

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