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A ₤130 million French company specialized in agro-food processing equipment. The company had growth through acquisitions in Europe and was looking to make its first U.S. acquisition, a Kansas City-based contracting company. The French company had no previous experience in the United States. Their investment banker referred them to Remi Forgeas, the New York-based leader of RSM's France Desk, for due diligence and other transaction services advice.

RSM maintains multiple foreign desks to assist companies from both the United States and abroad meet their global growth goals. The desks are staffed by professionals who speak the local language and have experience in working in the international environment to provide real-time answers and host-country perspectives on regulatory, tax, business and other issues on both inbound and outbound projects.


RSM US was engaged to provide assistance on financial and tax due diligence matters, and other assistance the client needed to successfully complete the transaction.

Because the client had no previous experience in the United States, understanding U.S. business environment, enusuring effective due diligence of the target, and gaining comfort on deal structuring and other issues was vital.

Our role

When dealing with international companies entering the United States, traditional financial and tax due diligence must be tailored to eliminate client concerns about the myriad cultural, tax and regulatory differences of working in a new market so that they can focus on the strategic aspects of the deal. Because RSM assembled a bilingual team with deep experience working in both the United States and France, we were able to bridge the language and culture gaps and tailor the scope of work to the  client's needs. At the end of fieldwork, and during a 10-hour meeting in RSM's New York office, our internationally-focused team delivered complete due diligence findings and also discussed tax and deal structuring issues to help the client achieve the desired results.


Our client was able to overcome the challenges of making their first real in the United States. Coordination by the RSM France Desk allowed them to focus on their international growth strategy and to close the deal with better terms than they had originally negotiated, thus establishing their desired foothold in the United States. Because of the responsive and effective service provided by RSM and its France Desk, the client has also retained RSM to conduct the audit of its new U.S. operations.

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