Global compliance and reporting

Improved accountability and accuracy. Minimized time and expense.

RSM’s global compliance reporting solution is a tested and proven package of services and tools delivered by experienced global professionals. This integrated solution provides a one-stop shop for your company’s global needs. Regardless of the diversity and complexity of your needs, RSM’s global compliance reporting services (GCRS) will help to clarify the global compliance process while limiting the associated hassle and expense. Our proven system will proactively drive on-time delivery of statutory audits, international tax and financial reporting, help to minimize the cost of delivery, and encourage accountability and accuracy with all parties involved globally.

Why RSM?

Instead of referring you to an ad hoc patchwork of providers, we provide you a single point of contact—your RSM global engagement leader (GEL).Your GEL is a partner-level professional specialized in helping internationally active companies effectively manage the full spectrum of reporting and compliance concerns. This professional will invest the time and effort to fully understand your business and your international strategy, and your GEL is further supported by the size and strength of our global network which provides local-level experience in over 120 countries worldwide.

The knowledge provided by our experienced professionals is complimented by a host of proprietary tools through our global project management office (gPMO). Our global tracker software, for example, serves as a centralized dashboard for all of your compliance requirements. In one easy-to-use, Web-based interface, you can monitor the entire global compliance process in real-time to ensure accuracy and accountability for all involved parties while mitigating the risk of noncompliance. Even with our professionals on your team, managing the complex compliance requirements across the globe is an unwieldy process, but Global Tracker and the gPMO help to put control of the process into your hands.


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