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Whether you are a U.S. company looking to expand into Mexico, or a Mexican company seeking  opportunities in the United States, the challenges are the same. How do you translate your strategy and vision into success in a market with different tax and regulatory systems, a different cultures, with hundreds of new challenges?

RSM understands. Our Mexico Desk has one purposes - helping companies on both sides of the border. Whether you have a single question about taxes, concerns about differing regulatory practices or are looking for broad advice on developing an effective cross-border strategy, RSM's Mexico Desk is ready to help.

Recommended Insights

House tax reform plan includes new "border adjustment" proposal

As 2017 begins, and a new Congress and president are sworn in, a comprehensive tax overhaul appears to be near the top of the legislative agenda. Key to the House GOP’s tax proposal is a move towards a destination-based tax, where income from goods and services are taxed based on where they are consumed, as opposed to where they are produced.

  • February 07, 2017

Deadline approaches for US companies with shelter maquiladora contracts

Mexico issues provisions protecting US companies with shelter maquiladora contracts from permanent establishment taxation.

  • Edgar Lopezlena
  • |
  • December 02, 2016

Global mobility issues in the energy industry

RSM commentary on expatriate issues within the energy industry; a report from the Worldwide ERC conference in Houston

  • Flamin Thomas
  • |
  • July 06, 2016

Risk and reward: Automotive industry economic trends and forecasts

It’s no surprise that auto suppliers currently have a generally positive outlook. But there are risks which may require attention.

  • Joe Brusuelas, Steve Menaker, Byron Schneidman
  • |
  • May 26, 2016

Eyes turn to Fed rate decision, housing, inflation data

Investors will see top-tier data including a policy rate decision and new information on the housing sector, inflation and retail sales.

  • Joe Brusuelas
  • |
  • March 14, 2016

Overview of the 2016 Mexican Tax Reform Act

A summary of key changes from the 2016 Mexican Tax Reform Act for US companies and individuals with business interests in Mexico.

  • Edgar Lopezlena, Ramon Camacho
  • |
  • March 10, 2016

Update on Advance Pricing Agreements for maquiladoras

Tax community in Mexico have developed an approach to develop a proposed transfer pricing policy for negotiations with the Mexican tax authorities.

  • Edgar Lopezlena
  • |
  • July 08, 2015

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