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RSM Employee Network Groups (ENG)

The Power of Diversity and Being Understood.


RSM employees work faster, smarter and happier together, through the power of diversity and the power of being understood. Our ENGs offer unique ways for all employees to grow and learn, while they celebrate all walks of life, genders, interests and backgrounds.

Increasingly, we understand how connectivity and engagement among our peers and colleagues are vital to RSM’s performance and employee work experiences. We value cultural dexterity and promise to fulfill our diversity commitment to all clients and prospects.

The RSM Culture, Diversity and Inclusion program continues to grow and is leveraging the benefits of a dynamic workforce to achieve corporate goals and objectives, while driving superior business results.


African American Community of Excellence (AACE)

Recognizes RSM’s African-American and black professionals
This network enhances and nurtures an environment that supports African-American professionals in their pursuit of professional excellence. It helps raise diversity awareness and inclusiveness between leaders and colleagues.
National leader: Charles Barley Jr.


Support and guidance for RSM’s Asian professionals
Our InspirAsian network engages the firm’s Asian professionals in career development opportunities and cultural events
to help raise diversity awareness and inclusiveness between leaders and colleagues.
National leader: Kate Seitz

Family First

Celebrates and supports working families at RSM
Not only does this network celebrate the many working families represented within RSM, it also enriches the experiences of our employees and their families through family-friendly events, health and fitness programs and holiday and charitable actions throughout the year.
National leader: Anthony DeCandido  


Enrichment through connections across all experience levels
Generations helps create engaging and interactive networking environments that welcome all professionals, from the newest millennial to the most seasoned partner.
National leader: Soukie Chanhdara


Support and guidance for RSM’s Hispanic-Latino professionals
Our ¡HOLA! network provides support and direction for  RSM’s Hispanic-Latino professionals through networking, personal development and mentoring opportunities. The presence of this network also helps raise diversity awareness and inclusiveness between leaders and colleagues.
National leaders: Sam Mascareno and Sergio de la Fe


Celebrate and enrich the understanding of faith within the workplace
The Interfaith group celebrates the many faiths represented within our firm and aids our workforce with enrichment and understanding to foster collaboration and success.
National leader: Mark Kydes  


Making RSM the employer of choice for LGBT professionals and their straight allies
Pride engages the firm’s gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) professionals and their straight allies in career development, community service and mentoring. This group fosters an environment that makes RSM the employer of choice for LGBT professionals.
National leader: Steve Kampa


Supports and raises awareness for those with a disability
The Abilities network strives to foster an environment that supports professionals with a disability, or who have a child or other dependent with special needs, as they build their careers at RSM. It works to raise awareness about the unique needs and talents of individuals with disabilities and promotes fair treatment among all our employees.
National leader: Phil Haase


Recognizes and supports women of RSM
Stewardship. Teamwork. Advancement. Retention. The STAR network connects all employees interested  in women’s work issues . It promotes retention and advancement of RSM women into leadership roles.
National leader: Dara Castle

Stars & Stripes

Encourages the success of our veterans, military service members and their families
Our veterans’ network encourages the recruitment, retention and success of veterans, military service members and their families. This network provides many resources to support the development of these individuals, while leveraging their diverse skill sets to serve our clients.
National leader: Pete Pfeiffer


Connecting people from all cultures across our firm
This ENG supports individuals with multicultural backgrounds and experiences, educates others on different cultures represented within our firm and around the world and explores opportunities to learn about colleagues’ experiences that differ from our own.
National leader: Valerie Colimon