System Selection

Matching your business environment with the right solution.

You've got a lot at stake when you begin the system selection process.

The technology marketplace is constantly evolving—consolidations and outsourced, cloud-based options have exploded on the scene, appealing to organizations looking to reduce their infrastructure costs. And depending on an organization's size and complexity, infrastructure costs can be significant.

Deciding which solution is the right fit can be difficult. You need systems that will be sustainable and scalable as the organization grows. The last thing you want is to have to implement new solutions year after year.

A proven, unbiased approach makes your decision easier
Determining the right fit requires unbiased consideration of a myriad of criteria, including:

  • Ease of use
  • Ease of implementation
  • Total cost of ownership
  • Full integration
  • Reporting and regulatory requirements
  • Business processes
  • Flexibility

Our proven, objective system selection methodology ensures you consider the relevant criteria and helps you meet your project milestones and timelines. When you work with RSM you receive the full benefit of our deep technological skills, industry expertise, and business process and project management experience.

RSM's business process experience is key
Business process experience is critically important during system selection. Because it's one thing to select a system that fits your requirements, but if it means you have to remake your IT organization to support the product once it's implemented, the risks could be too high.

Our consultants help you sort through all the important considerations. We guide you and expand your knowledge based on industry best practices and our in-depth system and product knowledge and experience (we have strategic relationships with many and experience with nearly all major vendors).

While the final decision is yours, our systematic approach will help ensure it's the right one.

When you've got a lot at stake, it's time to call RSM.

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