Strategy Development

Developing a smart plan to achieve your strategic goals.

Are you achieving the operational results you need? Do you feel you've become disconnected from the marketplace? Is your management structure changing? Have you been blindsided by a request for significant capital investment?

Your answers to those important questions may mean it's time to rethink your technology strategy.
Our professionals can help you develop a sound strategic plan to guide your organization for the next three to five years.

Three-steps to your Strategy Development Plan
Our professionals aren't just consultants-they're also business analysts who will look at your organization objectively, leveraging a wide range of experience and using proven methodologies to develop your strategic plan. Our three-step plan includes:

  • Operational discovery - We develop an understanding of your organization, objectives, products and services, markets and how your operations, finance and technology functions support your strategy.
  • Detailed analysis - Analyzing the information gathered in the discovery phase, we compare it to proven practices and other experiences we've had. We evaluate your operating model based on what you're trying to accomplish and answer the following questions:
    • Do you have the right organizational structure and people with the right skills to be able to meet your strategic objectives?
    • Do you have the appropriate processes and tools in place to support your operational objectives?
    • Is information critical to decision-making available quickly enough?
  • Strategic road map development - Based on our analysis, we provide you with an overall strategic road map and recommendations for executing an improvement program designed to enhance all aspects of your operation.

Industry experience
When you work with RSM, you're working with some of the best, most experienced professionals in the industry. Our people have deep experience in a wide variety of industries, and many worked for large private and public companies before joining our team.

We understand that you're constantly looking for different, better ways to think about things. Call us, we're here to help.

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