Due Diligence

More than half of post-merger synergies are IT-related.

Smart buyers know due diligence doesn’t stop with an acquisition target’s financial reports.

Today, most organizations’ technology infrastructures are critical components of their business operations. IT due diligence can reveal unanticipated investments that might be necessary after the deal closes, other technology risks (e.g., contingent liabilities like run-away or failed software development projects) and inadequate information security.

IT due diligence can also help you:

  • Uncover integration and staff issues
  • Anticipate IT issues and potential future capital investments that may be required post-closing
  • Identify future business opportunities made possible by the target’s IT systems

Helping you maximize value

Our technology consultants understand IT and business applications in midsized, growing companies. We provide private equity groups or other buyers with strategic, pragmatic advice that will allow them to maximize the value of the target’s IT infrastructure.

Before you do the deal, call us. Our experienced consultants can paint an accurate picture of your target’s IT environment.

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